01 Show Them You Mean Business

Class A Office At Class B Prices. Now you can have your cake and eat it too.

02 Boring Offices Are So Last Year

We get it: the stereotypical office (a bunch of rooms, maybe with cubicles, complete with bad coffee and watercooler gossip) isn’t impressing anyone, but luxury offices are just too expensive. We’re changing that. Let your office make an impression your clients won’t forget.

03 Office + Retail

615 Waterfront

Classic and modern architectural styles seamlessly blend to offer tenants of 615 Waterfront the best of both worlds. The property boasts a two-story lobby, highly efficient floor plates, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a range of outdoor balconies. Equipped with first-floor restaurant suites, lunch meetings and Happy Hours are just an elevator ride away.

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04 Office + Retail

645 Waterfront

Lavish finishes and state-of-the-art amenities seamlessly blend at 645 Waterfront, making it the perfect space for those seeking a more traditional luxury. Riverfront verandas, ideal for beautiful executive balconies, adorn the luxe facade, while the inspiring two-story lobby will connect tenants and guests to four first-floor restaurant suites. Work just got a whole lot nicer.

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The Waterfront