The Waterfront Awarded Lehigh Valley Environmental Innovations Award

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The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce has awarded The Waterfront with “Lehigh Valley Environmental Innovations Award: Large Business”. During The 2024 Lehigh Valley Sustainability Summit, three businesses were recognized for their contributions to becoming a sustainable company. In addition to The Waterfront, LANTA (non-profit) and Easton Yards (small business) were recognized.

The Waterfront is honored to have been chosen to receive this award. Located along the Lehigh River, The Waterfront is eco-conscious and environmental-focused. On what was previously Lehigh Structural Steel, The Waterfront Development Company worked diligently to remove dilapidated buildings and unused railroad tracks left behind. During the planning process through the help of environmental engineers, The Waterfront used data and expertise to redevelop the land sustainably and to keep the environment top-of-mind with features such as a green wall in the lobby and daylight harvesting in certain spaces.

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