The Waterfront In Outside Magazine

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The Waterfront development in Allentown, Pennsylvania was recently spotlighted in Outside Magazine’s article, “How To Create The Perfect Waterfront“.

The Waterfront has the privilege of working with an extraordinary team of designers dedicated to activating work and life opportunities through the seamless integration of Class A office, luxury apartments, retail promenades, and outdoor recreational opportunities.

“‘People attract other people,’ Krieger says. ‘If your waterfront is just a place to work, there won’t be anyone there in the evenings or on weekends.’ The Waterfront’s designers set aside more than a third of the square footage for housing and vowed that the former industrial area won’t feel like an office park once the project is completed, sometime in the next decade.”

When complete, The Waterfront will create more than 2,800 permanent jobs, be home to 750 residents, and will introduce new programming to draw thousands of peoples to the Lehigh River’s western shores.

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