01 Historic Harmony

North Gardens

The North Gardens presents options for individuals to unwind and relax in an outdoor green space. The historic Lehigh Valley Structural Steel sign marks the source of The Waterfront’s River Walk and is an ideal locale for afternoon picnics or merely an area to relax along the Lehigh.

02 Green Space

The historical monument in the center of the gardens proudly bears the original neon of the Lehigh Structural Steel Company, who anchored the site’s past. The other side of the sign bears The Waterfront Dev. Co: the company forging its future.

03 Master Plan

Welcome To The Neighborhood

A team of the region’s premier designers expertly planned The Waterfront to create a harmonious blend of Class A office, beautiful living spaces, and new opportunities to experience the Lehigh River like never before. Whether you are headed to work, dining out, or enjoying some dynamic programming in one of the many plazas, The Waterfront is designed to ensure you’re never bored.

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