01 The Waterfront Dev. Co.

Meet the Development Team behind The Waterfront's inspiring transformation.

02 A Little History...

The Waterfront Development Company was founded in 2012 by Mark and Zachary Jaindl. The father-son team seeks to identify potential in underutilized areas and practice responsible development methods to minimize urban sprawl while driving social and economic progress.

President / CEO / Co-Founder

Mark W. Jaindl

Mark W. Jaindl is an entrepreneur, developer, banker, and philanthropist. Mr. Jaindl started his career with his father in the family business, where he worked as Chief Financial Officer. In 1996, Mr. Jaindl founded American Bank., a $700 million commercial bank, where he continues to serve as President, CEO, and Chairman. In 2011, Mr. Jaindl co-founded Jaindl Enterprises, a vertically integrated portfolio of family-owned companies based in Allentown, PA.

COO / Co-Founder

Zachary J. Jaindl

Mr. Zachary J. Jaindl is a businessman and philanthropist responsible for establishing cross-company synergies and maximizing efficiencies through innovation. As Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Jaindl Enterprises, Mr. Jaindl manages portfolio operations, real estate acquisitions, operations financing, project leasing, and general management of each division and their respective departments.

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